About Coaching

I trust coaching because I tried it on myself.

I thought I know what coaching is and I was not particularely attracted  by it. But the epiphany happened when I took a closer look at it. I realized how much people don’t know about it, and much more, how many times they are wrong about it.

Someone can use coaching in three different situation. First, when they need to be heard. This is when they need empathy, clarity and awareness. When they tell about their story, problem or objective, they realize more of it, they feel it. It’s like when you put a thing that you hold close in front of you. You look at it and realize what this really is and how much it means to you. You get a different perspective. Second, when they need a validation. They know what they want, they found the way to do it, but they are not sure. The coach will not say it’s right or wrong, but will place mirrors and ask challenging questions so they will better know if that is what they want. And third, when they need a kick to start. They need to realize they really want that to happen, they know how to do it, but they have to put it on a schedule and start.

I looked at the coaching in sports. The trainer could not decide which race to run and could not run the race for you. But he can see your performance from many angles and challenge you to acknowledge and pursue for your dreams. He can give you feedback on how realistic your goal is and show you appropriate techniques that you may want to use to train your abilities for performance. In life and business coaching is just the same. A coach could not dream your dream, he could not walk your path, but he could join you, guarding your direction, values and plans on the way.  He can be the presence you need to feel you’re not alone, the guardian of your deepest aims that are still too fragile to carry on in the open. He believes in you, because he knows that we all have unbelievable resources inside, a potential to be discovered and used. And he knows that the only moment when you can make a difference is now.

Coaching is about change. Is about having the clarity to see, the courage to choose and the power to implement for creating the life that you dream of. It’s about awareness, responsibility and persistence. It’s a tool that can be used in all areas of our life, in all circumstances.

It’s about coping with reality and this what life is about!

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