About the New Paradigm

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” – Jimmy Dean


Today’s reality is defined by “FAST”, “CHANGE” and “BIG DATA”. People need to take decisions quickly from a multitude of options. This can be overwhelming, confusing or sometimes scary. We need extra strength to see, analyze and select choices.

Technology enabled innovations that deeply changed our lives. The access to information shifted the economic and social processes and profoundly affected relationships, through a accessibility to connection unforeseen few decades ago.

This is the nature of the reality we are living in, that gives us challenges to cope with every day and not even distance or attitude could keep us aside. From administration of personal information and belongings to access to finance, products and knowledge, we can not stay away from the terminals that link us to everybody else. The options that we have every day to choose from are far more than ever before. The media and internet show us a huge picture with multiple layers of data about all the others that we interact and we compare with. The instant access and exchange in terms of information, money and agreements plus the modern transportation makes the world a smaller place.

These are the challenges that we are facing every day, in professional and personal life. What should I choose? How should I choose? Are there any other options? Will I be able to cope with it? Will it be enough? Where would I be tomorrow if I take this decision today?  This is the place where a coach could help. He will listen, place mirrors, challenge options and accompany us on the journey when we are overwhelmed, confused, pessimistic or stocked.

A clear objective will give us focus and clarity. We should just check on our motivation.

Flexibility to react and adapt is probably the most important talent that we could have today. And this can be trained and enhanced.

A strong system of beliefs, aligned with our own values and dreams help us make decisions. And this system can be revisited, adjusted and acknowledged.

A structured approach to any project could push us ahead easily. And now there are lots of models and tips on structuring.

Patterns of habits could simplify our life or could make us go in circles. But habits could be changed in time if acknowledged, tuned and practiced with consistency.

For dealing with the new paradigm reality we need clarity, structure and responsibility. Sometimes we can do it alone, sometimes we need a coach.

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