Creatively Empowering People

I am a storyteller trained to listen, an explorer in love with life.

I have a passion to observe, to connect dots and to understand. Each day is another opportunity to discover myself, the other people and the world. I learn and share my learning and contemplate the power of human connections. I don’t believe in good and bad, but in an intention or perspective that  gives them that quality. I believe that everything has a purpose and can be used for good, if we only see and try. There is awhole treasure inside each of us, it’s just a matter of finding its way out.

I believe in the great potential of the human beings to experience happiness.

I use the principles of systemic coaching, the tools of conscious coaching and design thinking, within the frame of the ICF coaching standards to empower you for finding the best version of yourself.

Why me?

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsh

When working on my personal branding, on top of my talents was a strange capability to analyze and synthetize anything. I realized that it was a long exercise of looking at the topics from close and from far, to include all the external factors and then focus on the inner ones that give me now that flexibility. The passion to understand how the world works melted with incredible opportunities to experience life in many ways.

Grown-up in the communist Romania, I could enjoy my passion for learning and spent my best time with friends and communities. I studied industrial chemistry and finished my formal education right on time to be ready for the new opportunities brought by the ending of the Ceausescu’s era. I worked in advertising and fell in love with marketing, the art and science driven by human’s deepest desires and beliefs.

In more than 20 years of acting as senior manager in media companies, working both on strategy and operations, I realized that I was doing coaching before I knew what it was. I always believed that the working space should be pleasant and rewarding, the work relationships, open communication and shared objectives are important factors in the business performance.

After few years when life challenged me to look inside and find my place in the bigger world, I created a place for gathering for people eager to self-optimization and evolution. It was there that I discovered coaching and I immediately understood that I can do it naturally and passionately.

I got back to the business world, check-in and got up-dated on the tools of the new paradigm  – digital marketing and design thinking – and here I am! Ready to accompany people discovering their own potential and sustain them to become the best version of themselves. Because reality is created by us, consciously or unconsciously. Why not do be in charge?

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