We were all taken by surprise by the huge effect of a tiny little virus, becoming part of a global experiment of suddenly change our way of living and working. Although we would very much like to go back to our old habits, it seems that this pandemic will change some of the things for good. 

It is too early to say what we can regain and what we need to change, how we will travel and how we’ll be enjoying going out with friends. But, more than this, some will face unemployment or drastic change of the business perspective and the overall impact on the economy will be probably worse than we could imagine.

These months of staying home, locked with our family and with our own self awakened us to what is important, to what we are really missing. It’s been a time of slowing down from the daily rush, so we can observe the surroundings, the relationships and our own feelings. For some there was only a crack to a new reality they’ll try to clog while for others it’s a wide-open path towards a totally different life.

One of the beautiful things that has came out during these challenging times is the solidarity of the people, from medical staff to police forces, delivery workers and restauration companies. Even in a limited physical interaction world, people contribute in their own capacities to rising funds for medical research or for the people in need, offering services free of charge for the time of the lockdown or volunteering to keep the essential things going. 

Coaches can contribute, too. There is and will continue to be a time when we confront the unknown, a time of challenges and opportunities. A coach could help people get clarity, purpose and structure to move on. For those that have to deal with either job or relationship uncertainty to the ones that sense the new possibilities and would like to step ahead, coaching is a powerful tool to use. 

There are many ways to work with a coach, to find your purpose and motivation, to go deep inside and find the beliefs that trigger your behaviors. You can contemplate your habits and decide if they serve you and if not, implement ways to erase and change them with beneficial ones. You can explore your personal ideas about what is important in life and get clarity about where you want to go. It’s the right time to look more into “who I want to be” instead of “what I would like to have”.

Dealing with change could be difficult, because we all feel best in our comfort zone and change is exactly pushing us out of it. Most of the time, we are not really afraid of change, but of the unknown, that the things will not to be anymore like we knew them to be. But this is mainly discovering our fears and dealing with it, exploring possible paths and projecting different futures. 

As the new reality is powered by the fast development of technology, allowing more options and facilitating progress, we found ourselves complaining that the day is too short and the time flies too fast. But there are many tools to use in managing our time and a coach can accompany you in discovering which one works for you and support your progress. Sometimes it’s not about a well-designed schedule but about finding the meaning in what you do. We are all different, and this is what makes the world so beautiful.

We don’t know when and how this pandemic will really end, but we can dream our future life and work to make these dreams come true.